Friday, June 6, 2008

EQ RIP Sweetfire

After two days of the download from hell, I logged in late last night for the first time in years.

Here are some of my thoughts. It was sad and nostalgic. POK was empty. The outer guild hall had about 25 ppl tho. I got an mgb of a cleric buff I had never heard of. My old friend Icyfrost was on and it was nice to see her. She helped me get the original UI loaded, no matter how long it's been, I still hate the "new ui".
Sweet's old guild was gone and she was unguilded. For some reason that bothered me more than anything. I went to Butcherblock and killed me a goblin. I recall the first time I ever played and found that place. I was so thrilled to make some money finally :} The Char interface is so antiquidated that I actually had some trouble getting around etc at times. I made sure to go to G FAY and get lost one last time in the city.
Then I gated to the Twilight Sea, one of my favorite places to sit, think and talk to friends. I took some screen shots and spent some of my banked AA's so that Sweet would retire with over 500. Seemed to me to be dignified and appropriate that she have that one last goal achieved.

I looked over the game. Man ..there is a lot to it,for such an old game. EQ is a Grand Old Dame. Not one I care to play, but deserving of my respect for the millions of hours that have gone into it by players and publishers. I admit I have been very nostalgic over EQ lately, but it is like looking back on your first love . It would not work for you today, but it always holds a place in your heart.

I gave Icy my log in and asked her to use Sweet well. I know better than to say I will never be back, but for now, Sweet is right where she should be. Sitting on a rock at the Twilight Sea, dreaming of the day that she can fire up her nukes and raid big bad mobs.

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