Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Enough is Enough

The republicans have really gotten on my very last nerve in the past month. I am so beyond patience with ignorance and vitriolic rhetoric I can hardly bear to read the news these days.

It is fine to disagree with a political idea, it isn't fine to not understand it and pretend you do.


Let's start with the healthcare issue.

 There is a logical disconnect on the right from the anti-choice folks. Birth control prevents unwanted pregnancies. Thus, birth control prevents abortions. I personally agree with President Clinton. Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.Women need affordable access to doctors and prescriptions for birth control. It is the best interest of our society economically if women are not taken out of the workforce because they are unable to manage their health.

If you are a woman, you often use hormonal contraception for multiple reasons. I took the pill for as long as I could handle it to prolong my fertility. Having a serious case of endometriosis required me to slow down the advance of the disease until I was ready and able to have a second child. It is not uncommon for a woman to see her dr. as a result of rough menses only to be told that the best solution to taming the symptoms is to use contraception. It is a good thing. It allows a woman a better chance of being able to be a productive worker, prevents unwanted pregnancies, and often helps a woman with unmanageable symptoms.

 NOW says 20% of the time contraception is just birth control, 60% of the time it is medical and birth control and 20 % it is strictly medical. The administration says that insurance should cover this and they should. Just like they should cover cancer care and diabetes. This issue is not about having sex, it is about women's health. That Rush Limbaugh and the catholic church want to make it about anything else belies the point and spotlights their ignorance about "lady parts".

Then there is the "death panel" legislation hyperbole that is totally taken out of context of the healthcare bill. The legislation states that the provider should make themselves available for living will consultations if the patient desires it. That is a great idea and the next time I see my dr, I need to remember to tell her that I have no wish to have my life prolonged by machines. Somehow the republicans have this nutty idea that this legislation says that this service is required by the patient to obtain medical care. Are they on crack ? Read the actual bill and not some stupid pundits misdirected quotes of it.

Now on to the ridiculous accusations about President Obama. He is not a communist or a socialist in theory or in action.  Guess what ? He is for all intents and purposes a moderate republican in drag. Every president since FDR has tried to fix our healthcare system. It is utterly childish to be angry because "your team" did not get the touchdown. The federal bill is almost a duplicate to the one Romney signed into law in Mass.

 Do republicans actually know anything at all about politics other than the silly misleading soundbites on infotainment fake news shows ?  I wish they would take this test and compare their results to President Obama. Guess what ? President Obama was born in Hawaii. Guess what ? Hawaii has been a state since 1959 . That makes President Obama a US citizen.

Now lets discuss another fact. President Obama is a child of a white woman and a black man. In our culture he is considered black. If racism gets you all hot and excited, understand that President Obama is like soft porn. Examine your real prejudices and understand that this is why the republicans really hate him. It is DUSGUSTING that racism still exists in our culture. Anyone who just hates "Obama" with no logical reason should look good and hard at their own feelings on race.

Lets talk about President Obama's education. He was a graduate of Harvard and a constitutional law professor.What an amazingly educated and accomplished person. He is well spoken, articulate, and highly intelligent. This is something that we should celebrate, unless your envy is more important to you than your common sense.

His personal life. Republicans have nothing even close to the values President Obama has lived by.
He married his college sweetheart and has stayed married. He has two lovely daughters. There are no real scandals that have any credibility, unless you count the fact that he has a really awesome jazz voice. Although I do not like it all that much, President Obama is a confirmed Christian. He has never been found to worship Islam, and supports Israel in spite of how ridiculous they behave. When did the republicans decide that the United States was now a theocracy ? I am not completely thrilled with President Obama. The reason for this is, I actually am a liberal. However, I respect the office of the President of the United States, and feel compelled to demand that there be a modicum of respect for such a talented and astute person.

Now lets talk about Iran. Iran has human beings in it. There is no proof that Iran has or is able to achieve the 90 % enrichment required to make a nuclear weapon. The last inspection showed them at 20%. Panetta has admitted they have NO CAPABILITY. The pentagon says there is NO RISK. Associated Press mistranslated the Farsi statement about wiping out Israel. Then the rest of the idiots in media re-quoted the false statement. Israel has already bombed Iran's nuclear facilities, but for some reason, that never hit the mainstream news. I had to find it out via Wiki Leaks.

Just as no one can give me the death penalty for hating my ex husband and wishing him harm, we cannot invade Iran and murder it's citizens just because they do not like Israel.That the republicans think it at all acceptable to fear-monger with such bad information is reprehensible. If you need something to be scared of, be afraid of Pakistan. They actually do have nukes and are highly unstable.

If you are a republican and think any of the statements I have made are skewed or false, I have some advice for you. Go to the original sources. Do not count on "news". "News" these days is more about ratings than it is about facts. Actually, that is my whole complaint with the republican party in it's current form. Republicans do not seem to be using any critical thinking what so ever. If one is just too lazy to really learn anything that is not "spoon fed" by shock jocks and self interested sources, then do not be upset when you are called an idiot. 

We need the unfounded accusations and the absurd name calling to end. It should end by people in the media, but more importantly, our politicians must stop doing it. If we are ever going to break these walls down, we should return to honest and civilized discourse in this country.

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