Friday, December 16, 2011

 Learning More About Occupy 
My Excellent Trip Into Crazy Town is Time Well Spent.

 So this political awakening I have been experiencing is sorta like eating beets. I don't like beets, they make my plate look messy, and they taste bitter. But they might possibly be good for you.

 The Occupy kids (oops I should say young adults sorry)  are such a  bright spot in all of this for me. They are going everywhere where and telling everyone off. That is what young people SHOULD be doing. Geesh, all this video gaming and obsessing over celebrities is turning our kids minds into mush.

  I spent some time watching the Boston group on Ustream and man, they are so sweet. The mayor Thomas M Menino decided to evict them, shame on you. There were so many people there supporting them, and none of them were the least bit violent. One moment that really hit me, was when they put a projection on the wall of a large building that said "You cannot Evict an Idea". Another, was when a marine in full dress uniform stood at the front of the protest group as a visual aid of what our military is supposed to be in place for. They did get evicted this week, the police apparently did it after all of us that were watching went to bed. Seems to me, if they have nothing to hide, they would not need to use these kinds of tactics.

 AJ and the Washington group did a tour of their camp on Sunday via Ustream. Nope ..... no drugged out hippies. Just scary political dangers like a chess board station, a life-sized Jenga game, and some hunger strikers huddled up in sleeping bags. Did I mention these kids have jobs ? Sophie was conducting the tour. She is such a doll.

 Washington Occupy's protest of the DC Chamber Christmas party was so funny. They sang rewritten carols and read parables from the bible about Jesus turning over the tables of the money changers in the temple. There was a lot of talk about serious things, like how much debt can the American people are yoked under, how corrupt our politicians are, and how important freedom is for everyone.  Really subversive talk huh ? The US government needs to pull it's head out of it's ass and leave these kids alone.

  Which leads me to the way our police are treating these kids. Not all police, but there are some that are just gone bongo. There was a kindly officer at the Boston protest who was  reasonable. You could tell he wanted no part of hurting anyone for practicing their constitutional rights. But too many times, we are seeing this is not the case. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Rachel Maddow and others are screaming, apparently at the air, about what is happening. If anyone should be in jail, it should be an abusive officer hurting our kids. There seems to be some sort of disconnect in our values that it is ok to beat, intimidate, and hurt peacful protestors, but it is not ok to stand up for your rights.

  Still the media seems to be intent on dis-informing us. They give no credit to the Occupy kids for pushing us towards change. Or they ignore them all together. Google news is really terrible about this. You will never find anything about the protestors if you rely on them for your daily news. I cannot imagine why.  Time magazine, who I never really liked much, is one of the few establishment media sources that is recognizing what this really is. They voted the protestor  Man of the Year, and gave the Occupy movement it's justified credit.  MSNBC has also been more sympathetic than most. Kudos I say, to those that swim against the waves of silliness.  As I write this, an article popped up that the SEC is charging Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac CEO's with FRAUD. That is a direct result of our brave young people speaking their excellent minds. Still, news organizations go on with this incredible spew that these kids are socialist, drugged out, stinky hippies.

 If you really wish to know about what is happening out there, it seems you must do your own research. Ahh !!! But there lies the problem for those of us who are not so savvy. It is hard to find sources that are credible, and harder still to disseminate all the crazy from all the real.  My advice is to take everything with a grain of salt. Don't bury your head in your butt just because things are not readily understood. It is difficult, yes, but it is not impossible to become better informed. I recommend getting a twitter account. I find a lot of "real time" accurate  information is spread this way.

 Bless you Occupiers, and all that are supporting you . You are changing our world right before my very eyes. Thank you !

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